Show Racism the Red Card, not a Blacked Up Face

I’ve sent the letter below to the WRU, Scarlets and South Wales Evening Post. Feel free to adapt, edit, copy etc if you are angry too:

I was shocked to see Liam Williams proudly tweeting a picture of himself dressed as player Wilfried Bony ready for a night out. Whilst I am sure Williams is not racist and meant the costume as an affectionate tribute, he must realise that as a high profile player his actions will come under scrutiny and to ‘black up’ in this way is thoughtless at best. Perhaps he did not realise the long history that blacking up has and how it is associated with the ridicule and oppression of black people in Western culture but now that it has been brought to his attention he should apologise. He says that Bony is not offended, that is all well and good but as last night’s Wales Online article points out many others are including footballer Nathan Blake. To let this incident stand without comment reflects badly on the Welsh Rugby Union and the Scarlets who are otherwise doing good work to combat racism in sport.

Link to Wales Online article



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